ABC Lobbies James Comer to Investigate Trump Family

ABC Lobbies James Comer to Investigate Trump Family


Former Clinton hatchetman and current co-anchor of ABC’s This Week George Stephanopoulos showed how chronic his Trump derangement syndrome is during an interview when House Republican oversight chairman James Comer brought up his committee’s intention to investigate Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family’s business dealings overseas. All Stephanopoulos could do is try to bring up the Trump family and a partisan hit piece in the leftist rag The Washington Post. 

“Let me ask you about your oversight responsibilities,” Stephanopoulos prefaced by saying. “You made it clear you are going to be looking at Hunter Biden,and his financial entanglements with foreign countries including China.”

He then put up a front page story from The Washington Post that was in Sunday’s paper titled “After helping prince’s rise, Trump and Kushner benefit from Saudi funds.”

“A two billion dollar investment in Kushner’s funds from the Saudi’s we know the President–forme …

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