Biden Admin Fearing Looming Border Surge After Brief Slowdown

Biden Admin Fearing Looming Border Surge After Brief Slowdown


The Biden administration is “scared” of a coming surge of border crossings in the wake of Title 42 ending, according to a report from Politico. 

Though crossings have fallen since the official repeal of the statute, anonymous administration officials and immigration experts said they were hesitant to “to roll out a band, or say it’s mission accomplished” partially because migrant processing centers in Latin America are “swimming in numbers.”
President Joe Biden received heavy criticism for his decision to end Title 42, which allowed border agents to turn migrants away, amid a surge in border crossings. 

Ahead of Title 42’s expiration, Customs and Border Protection held a record-high 28,000 migrants in detention facilities.Over 10,000 people crossed the border each day the week before the statute expired.
As Title 42 expired, migrants gathered in Mexico on the banks of the Rio Grande, drinking and playing music to celebrate the occasion.

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