Biden Laughs About IRS Going After Americans

Biden Laughs About IRS Going After Americans


Joe Biden just can’t stop lying about his policies that have crushed the American people.
How long has he been telling us that he only wants to go after the “rich” people with his phalanx of thousands of new IRS agents? A long time it seems. Anyone who knows Joe Biden knows what malarkey his claim truly is and we’ve pointed out some of the lies surrounding this claim in the past. 

But Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen finally admitted under grilling on Friday by Rep. Adrian Smith (R‑NE), the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Trade Subcommittee, that 90 percent of the new audits were going to be on families and small businesses — lower and middle-income people making under $400,000, and not on “billionaires and tax cheats,” as Joe Biden has claimed.

🚨🚨Secretary Yellen just admitted before @WaysandMeansGOP that 90% of new audits under the Inflation Act wi …

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