Biden Unveils Another $600 Million in Climate Spending

Biden Unveils Another $600 Million in Climate Spending


Forbes Media chairman Steve Forbes and Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist weigh in on alleged ‘elitist’ actions by Democratic lawmakers on ‘The Evening Edit.’ President Biden will announce plans to spend an additional $600 million on efforts to address climate change on Monday. Biden will hold an event Monday in Palo Alto, California, touting his administration’s efforts to bolster defenses against rising sea levels and associated weather catastrophes.The funding includes $575 million to reinforce coastal infrastructure and $67 million to protect California’s power grid from weather events. “The funding will support innovative coastal resilience and adaptation solutions, such as building natural infrastructure, planning and preparing for community-led relocation, and protecting public access to coastal natural resources, that protect communities and ecosystems from s …

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