Casey DeSantis Gets Nasty New 2‑Word Nickname

Casey DeSantis Gets Nasty New 2‑Word Nickname


In an opinion piece that was published on Sunday, The Daily Beast’s Katie Baker called Florida’s first lady, Casey DeSantis, a “Walmart Melania” and criticized her for sporting a leather jacket at a campaign event in Iowa.
DeSantis donned a leather jacket with the words “Where woke goes to die” on the back, an alligator, and an outline of the state of Florida. 

Iowa and Florida: Where woke goes to die…
….thanks to the leadership of @KimReynoldsIA and @RonDeSantis.
— Casey DeSantis (@CaseyDeSantis) June 4, 2023

“The First Lady of Florida showed up on the campaign trail in Iowa this weekend wearing a ghastly black leather jacket—American flag on front, an a …

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