Climate Warrior John Kerry Takes Taxpayer-Funded Flight to Five-Star Island Resort

Climate Warrior John Kerry Takes Taxpayer-Funded Flight to Five-Star Island Resort


Biden’s jet-setting climate czar has flown hundreds of thousands of miles to ‘confront’ climate change since taking office

Atlantis Paradise Island resort and Biden climate czar John Kerry 

John Kerry’s fight against the “climate crisis” has taken the jet-setting Biden administration official to yet another luxurious location: a five-star island resort in the Bahamas.

Kerry, who has served as President Joe Biden’s climate czar since January 2021, is on the Caribbean island for three days this week to “advance international cooperation among nations particularly vulnerable to the climate crisis,” the State Department announced Monday. Included in his itinerary was an opulent opening ceremony held at Atlantis Paradise Island, a lush five-star resort that boasts 14 swimming pools, 14 lagoons, dozens of luxury restaurants, a yacht marina, a private golf course, a world-class casino with more than 700 slot machines, at least 3 nightclubs, and a movie theater. Bahamian prime minister Philip Davis during a Wednesday night speech thanked Kerry for attending the ceremony, a line that was met with muffled applause.

While Kerry routinely argues that Americans have an “obligation” to “confront” climate change, his Caribbean soirée is by no means environmentally friendly. A flight from Washington, D.C., to Nassau spans nearly 1,000 miles and emits on average more than 53,000 pounds of carbon. Atlantis Paradise Island also uses diesel power plants to fuel its energy grid and spends more than $85 million annually on electricity alone, according to consulting firm Filament Energy. The resort’s marina accommodates 240-foot yachts, which burn through thousands of dollars of fuel per hour. Kerry, a former Massachusetts senator, for years owned a yacht of his own, which he docked in Rhode Island to avoid paying $500,000 in taxes. Kerry listed the yacht for sale for $3.9 million in 2016.

Kerry is no stranger to long flights a …

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