CNN Mindlessly Regurgitates Biden Propaganda on Inflation

CNN Mindlessly Regurgitates Biden Propaganda on Inflation


As the Biden Administration’s defenders in the media promote “Bidenomics,” one outlet even pushed Americans to appreciate current inflation numbers. 

According to CNN, Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) used a “‘harmonized’ inflation metric” to try to put a good face on the Biden economy on May 27. The CEA insisted on an “apples to apples” comparison between rampant inflation in the United States under Biden and other countries in the G7.

The CEA’s adjustments naturally produced a more favorable comparison, distracting Americans from the impact of Biden’s atrocious economic policies on skyrocketing prices. In a moment of dramatic understatement, CNN noted that, “Some Americans may be understandably skeptical about a positive inflation analysis crafted by the White House – just as the 2024 presidential campaign kicks into gear.”  No kidding, Sherlock!

CNN’s own condescending headline lectured Americans struggling with persistent inflation and told them to put their struggl …

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