Gen Z Is Driving Less Than Prior Generations

Gen Z Is Driving Less Than Prior Generations


General Motors vows to end distracted driving General Motors International President Steve Kiefer joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss what the company is doing to end distracted driving, tells the story of his son Mitchel who was killed by a distracted driver 5 years agoZoomers are turning to Uber, Lyft and public transit more than the generations before them, and it’s part of an upward trend to move away from America’s “car-centric culture.”“I haven’t needed one to this point. If there’s an emergency, I’ll call an Uber or 911,” 24-year-old Madison Corr told The Washington Post.The rising generation, born loosely between 1996 and 2012, never looked at the learner’s permit, the license and the new car as novel coming-of-age stages during their teenage years and many are uninterested in getting behind the wheel in their twenties as well.GEN Z DEFENDS CANCEL CULTURE AS ‘POSITIVE THING’ ON DR. PHIL ‘ZOOMERS VS BOOMERS’ DEBATE Driving is becoming far less common for member of Generation Z who are opting for public transit …

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