Iran’s Drones are Fueling Putin’s Evil War in Ukraine

Iran’s Drones are Fueling Putin’s Evil War in Ukraine


Iran is continuing to exploit Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine to position itself as the world’s leading manufacturer of cheap and lethal drones.
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A recent report published by The Guardian cited analysts with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency stating how Tehran evolved from primarily a regional drone supplier to “Moscow’s most significant military backer” through the course of the conflict in eastern Europe.
While it is widely understood that many of Moscow’s UAV-launched attacks are tied to Tehran, the defense officials paint a more detailed picture of the depth of the collaboration, using intelligence the U.S. has amassed since the summer. 
The Iranian regime has admitted to outfitting Russian forces with drone supplies, however, they refuse to concede that these weapons had been used in the ongoing conflict. This report is instrumental since in-flight footage and other raw evidence have been collected to showcase the extent of Iranian drone use in Ukraine and therefore garner more support for sanctions against the regime.
Iran Denies Its Drones are Being Used in Ukraine
According to U.S. defense analysts, the most critical objective of the recently published report is the attempt to relay that “Iran’s foreign ministry is denying that they (drones) are being used,” and that “the U.S …

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