Mass Exodus from Democrat-dominated Areas Continues to Grow

Mass Exodus from Democrat-dominated Areas Continues to Grow


We’ve covered California’s population bleed on several recent occasions, noting how that mass exodus — driven by a lack of affordability, crime, and other dysfunction — makes Gov. Gavin Newsom’s little trolling tour of red states look all the more preposterous. The not-so-Golden State’s struggles are particularly dramatic and pronounced, but other blue states and cities are also driving residents away. If California is the outbound U‑Haul king, which it has been for several years, Illinois is the dogged runner-up. One wonders how the election of a radical leftist might hasten this phenomenon:

“Illinois continues to lose residents to other states as IRS data shows 105,000 residents moved out of state in 2020, taking with them $10.6 billion in income.”— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) May 1, …

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