Nets Run Cover for Leftist ESG Giants Tied to Ohio Train Disaster

Nets Run Cover for Leftist ESG Giants Tied to Ohio Train Disaster


ABC’s, CBS’s and NBC’s premature abandonment of coverage of the environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio may have been a gambit to protect the leftist pro-environmental, social, governance (ESG) standard giants tied to the incident. 

The Ohio incident involved a train derailing that led to a controlled explosion and the spewing of toxic fumes into the atmosphere. 

A recent MRC study revealed that the Big Three broadcast network’s morning and evening news shows all but dropped coverage of the Ohio disaster once residents were permitted to return home Feb. 8. Between the incident’s genesis on Feb. 3 and the evacuation order for East Palestine being lifted on Feb. 8, all six shows fell just shy of spending a combined 30 minutes on the topic.

The networks largely regurgitated the public relations gaslighting by the Norfolk Southern Corporation, the owner of the railway responsible for the derailed train. “[R]eporters approached statements by Norfolk Southern and the Ohio EPA – both of whom had a blatant incentive to downplay the seriousness of the situation – with slavish credulity,” NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck and NewsBusters Media Editor Bill D’Agostino wrote. But nearly a week after residents were permitted to return home on Feb. 8, the Big Three rediscovered the topic Feb …

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