New Footage Shows “Alligator” Ka-52 Helicopter in Ukraine Killing Tanks

New Footage Shows “Alligator” Ka-52 Helicopter in Ukraine Killing Tanks


The war in Ukraine shows no sign of slowing down, as neither side seems ready to sit down for peace talks.
That means billions of more dollars in Western arms to Kyiv, with Putin losing more and more men and equipment.
But Russia does have a lot of military hardware that, despite significant losses, can still create havoc. 
Videos on Social Media Highlight Russian Successes With Ka-52 Alligator
Pro-Kremlin bloggers and propagandists on social media shared a number of videos that show the Russian Ka-52 “Alligator” ground-attack helicopter successfully targeting Ukrainian tanks on the front lines.
One video commentator even described the pilots as “relaxed and fully in routine.”
It has been reported that Russia’s Ka-52 helicopters – which are a two-seat variant of the single-seat Cold War-era Kamov Ka-50 “Black Shark” (NATO reporting name “Hokum A”) – have scored a number of kills against Kyiv’s armor and o …

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