OpenAI CEO Warns AI May Cause “Significant Harm to the World”

OpenAI CEO Warns AI May Cause “Significant Harm to the World”


The OpenAI CEO inadvertently confirmed to Congress that concerns over AI becoming a digital god that could wreak havoc on the world are not hyperbolic. 

During a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Sam Altman — who leads the company that created ChatGPT — was pressured by fellow witness Professor Gary Marcus and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D‑CT) to expound on the concerns about artificial intelligence.

Altman did not hold back, saying: “My worst fears are that we cause significant — we the field, the technology, the industry — cause significant harm to the world.” Altman called for more regulations during the hearing, but apparently had no issues praising AI’s potential in spite of the glaring risks.

Altman admitted that the “significant harm” could happen “a lot of different ways” but presented his own company as an answer to the problem. “It’s why we started the company.” Altman, trying to put lipstick on the pig, proceeded to cast his company as a saint trying to bring supposed responsibility to the industry:

“Its a big part of why I am here today …

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