The Dangers of Overhyping Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

The Dangers of Overhyping Ukraine’s Counteroffensive


The Western media’s incessant discussions about Ukraine’s counteroffensive are not only counterproductive, but they also risk creating dangerous illusions. 
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By continually focusing on the supposed inevitability of a successful counteroffensive, the media is fostering the belief that Ukraine has already been supplied with everything it needs to accomplish the task of driving back the invading Russians. This framing is misleading and ultimately harmful, as it overlooks the challenges and limitations faced by Ukraine’s armed forces.
What Ukraine Lacks
First, it is important to recognize that Ukraine does not possess air superiority. While the country has requested F‑16 aircraft to support ground operations and protect its cities from Moscow’s aerial assaults, these requests have gone unfulfilled. Without the proper long-range weapons and aircraft, Ukraine’s offensive operations have been delayed as Kyiv scrambles to gather tanks from Europe and to procure artillery shells.
Second, the Russians, cognizant of Ukraine’s plans, have relocated their command centers …

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