The Mighty Russian Military Is Dying in Ukraine

The Mighty Russian Military Is Dying in Ukraine


The war in Ukraine continues to take a large toll on the Russian military.
In the past week alone, the Russian forces have lost close to 5,000 men in what has been the deadliest week of the war in Ukraine. 
On the 353rd day of the war, the two sides are looking for a breakthrough, with the heaviest fighting taking place in the Donbas around Bakhmut and Vuhledar. 
Russian Casualties in Ukraine
Saturday was the deadliest day in the war so far for Russian troops in Ukraine.
According to official Ukrainian estimates, the Russian forces lost 1,140 killed or wounded in the past 24 hours.
To be sure, the Ukrainian estimates could be off, but the overall numbers that the Ukrainians are claiming are corroborated to a large degree by U.S. and Western intelligence estimates. 
The heavy casualties that the Russian military is taking are bound to catch up sooner or later.
The Kremlin has created a res …

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