Video Shows Ukraine Killing Russia’s Tanks

Video Shows Ukraine Killing Russia’s Tanks


Watch: Ukraine Takes Out Russian T‑80BV In Luhansk – Video footage shared on social media this week shows Ukrainian forces taking out a Russian T‑80BV tank somewhere in Luhansk Oblast.
The short clip, which is accompanied by music as so many of these videos tend to be, shows a Russian tank at the side of a snow-covered road. Moments later, the tank is hit by artillery fire, explodes, and creates a burst of black smoke.
Eventually, the tank erupts into flames, possibly indicating that onboard ammunition caught fire – although various components inside of the vehicle could have caught on fire just as easily.
Some Twitter users noted that the turret on the vehicle appeared to be very low, virtually pointing toward the ground.
It could suggest that the tank is broken and abandoned.
The clip was initially shared by the Ukrainian military and later reposted to Twitter by the popular war tracking account, Ukraine Weapons Tracker.
“The Ukrainian 92nd Mechanized Brigade destroyed a Russian T‑80BV tank in #Luhansk Oblast,” the post reads.
The video clip appears to have been recorded by an unmanned aerial vehicle. 
You can watch the vi …

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