Ukraine Just Destroyed Putin’s Most Dangerous Weapon

Ukraine Just Destroyed Putin’s Most Dangerous Weapon


Dramatic Scenes As Russian Thermobaric Missile Launcher Destroyed – Dramatic video footage shared on social media this week shows how Ukrainian forces were able to take out a Russian thermobaric multiple rocket launcher from above.
The video footage, apparently recorded by a rotary-blade unmanned aerial vehicle, shows a huge fire in the trees between two agricultural fields somewhere near Vuhledar in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. 
The video displays the initial explosion in slow motion, showing huge sparks dissipating into the air. Then, after a second explosion at the same site, another explosion can be seen in the distance. The additional explosion also occurred in a hedgerow between two agricultural fields, suggesting that another Russian missile launcher or military vehicle was taken out shortly after the first one.
According to Ukraine Weapons Tracker, the missile launcher taken out in this particular video was a TOS-1A multiple rocket launcher.
Many Russian military experts consider this Moscow’s most lethal and dangerous weapon of war.
“The Ukrainian 72nd Brigade claimed to destroy a Russian TOS-1A thermobaric multiple rocket launcher in the vicinity of Vuhledar, #Donetsk Oblast,” Ukraine Weapons Tracker writes. 
The footage comes as Ukrainian and Russi …

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